Dessert Menu

The dessert menu changes frequently so please CLICK HERE for the most current list.


Cannolo Mezza Luna                         5.5

Crisp pastry filled with creamy ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and candied fruit

Vulcano                                              8.5

Our signature “Lava Cake” (allow 20 minutes)

Crème Brulee                                    8.0

Dolce del Giorno                               7.5

Special dessert of the day. Ask waiter for daily selection

Tiramisu                                            7.5

Ladyfingers soaked in espresso with brandy and Mascarpone cheese

Bigne Mezza Luna                            7.0

Custard cream filled pastry puffs drizzled with dark chocolate sauce

Cioccolato                                        7.5

Creamy chocolate ice cream on a chocolate cheesecake base. Topped with fudge and sprinkled with chocolate chips

Fragola                                             7.5

Strawberry ice cream on a white chocolate cheesecake base. Topped with white chocolate chips

Gelato, Sorbetto e Spumone           5.5

Homemade Italian style ice cream. Ask your server for Gelato and Sorbetto flavors

Affogato al Caffee                            7.0

Homemade gelato topped with espresso shot and whipped cream



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Private Events

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